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What Is This Website?

This is the personal website of therealergo (pronounced the-real-ergo). You're probably here for one of the programs/mods/tools that I've written, most of which are available in the bar at the top. Any questions or bug reports regarding Cube World should be sent to my Planet Minecraft account, but I cannot guarantee a timely response to those due to the amount of debugging time working on that code requires. Right now, Alien Sun is the primary focus of my development efforts, and questions or bug reports regarding it should be sent to my gmail. Good luck with whatever brought you here!

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Who Even Is This?

For those who are at this site for me the person, I'm currently a high school senior who is soon to be a freshman in college. My name is Kienan Ahner-McHaffie (Yes, it is hyphenated and oddly-spelled), and I grew up in the Chicagoland area. I'm fascinated by programming, and take a particular interest in procedural content generation and rendering, as if the whole premise of Alien Sun had not already shown that.