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Infinite Space Exploration

Alien Sun is what an exploration-focused space sim should be: The goal is just to imagine what it would be like to explore someplace so far away that none of us will ever have the chance to see it with our own eyes. Everything here is grounded in reality. Distances are approximately accurate, shading is derived from physical formulae where possible, and names are definitely plausible. So sit back and explore a beautiful real-time simulation of what we think the 99.9% of the universe we could never see is like.


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[W, A, S, D] ---- Movement

[Mouse, Q, E] ---- Turning

[R] ---- Free / Lock Mouse

[Left Click] ---- Select / Deselect Object

[G] ---- Go To Selected Object

[ESCAPE] ---- Exit To Desktop

[F1] ---- Show / Hide UI

[F11] ---- Enter / Exit Fullscreen

System Requirements

A modern dedicated graphics card and recent CPU is required to run this, with OpenGL 4.0+ and Java 7+ required.